2008 Nerdcore Calendar: Heroes/Villains

Product Description
In the great lineage of comic books, no one has explored heroes and villains quite like NERDCORE. In this 12-month, 2008 calendar, heroines and their evil counterparts square off in quite revealing ways a fully nude firestarter igniting her surroundings, a super lass undresses after a hard day s night of battling bad guys, and a katana-wielding vixen, wearing a headband and not much else, shows a few ninjas who s the real boss is. These are the powered-up ladies that watch over downtown Los Angeles from rooftops and can turn invisible with the snap of a finger. They are the heroes and villains of the 2008 Nerdcore calendar.

In the tradition of the best-selling 2007 Nerdcore calendar, this 2008 edition reunites famed photographer Cherie Roberts and designer/artist Jason Adam, and features tasteful, giant photography of nude girls in heroic and villainous settings. Featuring geek goddess Justine Joli, former Playboy "Cyber Playmate" Jessica Kramer, and 2007 Nerdcore cover girl Karlie Montana, and many other beauties. NERD DATES - Regular and nerdy holidays, including over one hundred important holy days for geeks, including: Major movie releases like Iron Man, Speed Racer, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, Harold and Kumar 2, and The Incredible Hulk; conventions like San Diego Comic-Con, Alternative Press Expo, etc. ; anniversaries for Night of the Living Dead and more cult classics; birthdays for Stan Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Jean Luc Picard and others ; even Sarah Connor s assassination, the morning Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 departed, and the day Marty was sent back to the future. OVERSIZED DIMENSIONS - 12 inches wide x 18 inches tall (much larger than standard calendars), with a spiral binding for easy flipping and hanging.

QUALITY - Printed on heavy, archival-style paper stock, as well as a glossy, UV coating, giving the calendar an extended lifespan long beyond 2008.